Fabric to remain closed while drug deaths are investigated


One of London's biggest clubs will remain closed for up to 28 days following an investigation into suspected drugs-related deaths at the venue.

Fabric, in Farringdon, has seen two 18-year-old men die following nights at the club - one in hospital after collapsing outside the venue, and another nine weeks earlier.

The Metropolitan Police requested the club's licence be suspended, which Islington council agreed to, and the BBC reports that the club will remain closed while a review takes place in the next 28 days.

"For the past two years Fabric has operated without incident but tragically in the past nine weeks two 18-year-old boys have died as a consequence of drug overdoses," a statement from Fabric said.

"In order to understand how this has happened we have agreed with the police and other agencies to suspend our operation whilst we investigate."

The club closed voluntarily over the weekend to allow a police investigation, and the licence review comes after Fabric won an appeal against Islington council last year when the council tried to impose conditions on entry including sniffer dogs at the door and ID scans for all customers.