Chloe Khan and Marnie Simpson face game of chance to stay in CBB house


Chloe Khan and Marnie Simpson's fate in the Celebrity Big Brother House rests on a game of chance.

In Friday's live eviction, nominated housemates James Whale and Stephen Bear received the highest number of public votes and were saved straight away.

Host Emma Willis will enter the house's garden later tonight and it will decided by a game of chance whether Khan or Simpson, who received the lowest number of votes, will remain to fight another day.

X Factor reject Khan had joined the list of nominees at the last minute, taking Renee Graziano's place on Thursday.

After hearing that Ex on the Beach star Bear and DJ Whale were safe, Geordie Shore star Simpson and Khan looked nervous, with Bear ordering Khan to "kiss my lucky ring".

Both ladies had provided plenty of drama in the run-up to the live eviction.

In Friday night's show, housemate Aubrey O'Day was sent to jail for discussing nominations, prompting Simpson and Khan to demand to know why O'Day wanted to see them up for the axe.

The confrontation sparked an argument between Graziano and Khan, which housemate Whale compared to something you see "outside a pub on a Saturday night".

Graziano was left in tears as Bear became involved. "She's cracked, there's only so much people can take, he doesn't accept he's done anything wrong," Samantha Fox said in the Diary Room.

The contestants continued with Big Brother's Big Risk task, choosing whether to play for their own benefit or for the good of the house, which caused a rift in Simpson and Lewis Bloor's budding relationship.

Simpson, Frankie Grande, Graziano, Bear, Khan and Heavy D chose to play for themselves and were thrown a festival after winning a task to find golden dice.

Bloor, Katie Waissel, Fox, Ricky Norwood and O'Day played for the house and were left staring at the party through the window.

Returning to the house, Simpson confronted Bloor about choosing the house, because she believed his reward could have been to save her.

"You chose a House that has not chosen you, everyone here slags you off and you chose that over the possibility you could have saved me," she shouted.

"I was right, the prize was not to save you... I was right about the whole thing, but I've lost you in the process," said Bloor, before punching the door to the storeroom in anger.

In a heart-to-heart later, he said: "I see a future for us and its f****** beautiful, I f****** love you so much, I don't wanna lose you...I want you to teach me how to love someone proper."

Simpson replied: "I love you more than I should. Maybe I should put my guard up."

It was later left to Bloor to protect her modesty when she drunkenly made a naked dash to the bathroom. Inside the toilet, they cemented their status as boyfriend and girlfriend.