Saira Khan: I have been to hell and back on Celebrity Big Brother


TV presenter Saira Khan has told of her shock at the way she was treated by Marnie Simpson in the Celebrity Big Brother house, saying she has "been to hell and back".

Geordie Shore star Marnie, 24, exposed her breasts to Saira, 46, in front of her fellow housemates, boasting that she has a better chest than the Loose Women star.

Saira said that despite feeling as though she had been "violated" in her 12 days on the reality show, her hefty pay cheque from TV chiefs made it all worthwhile.

Marnie Simpson on Celebrity Big Brother
Marnie Simpson entering the Celebrity Big Brother house (Ian West/PA)

The fee has paid for an extension to the house she shares with her husband and two children.

"It's the biggest cheque in showbusiness. I have got an extension coming up and I got it paid for," she said.

"It was worth it... even though I felt I was violated in so many ways."

Saira said of Marnie: "This young girl puts her boobs in my face at that point I just looked at her and thought I feel really sorry for you, that you feel you have to use your body as a weapon that you have such low self esteem...

"In her world that's acceptable behaviour and that's what shocked me."

She added: "When I went into the house the first question she asked me was 'who are you going to sleep with in the house?'"

Saira is the second star to be evicted from the Channel 5 show, following Anthea Turner's ex-husband Grant Bovey.

Grant Bovey is evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House (Ian West)
Grant Bovey being evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house (Ian West/PA)

Christopher Biggins was removed for his remarks on bisexuality and for a comment about gas chambers made to X Factor reject Katie Waissel, who is Jewish.

Christopher Biggins
Christopher Biggins (Ian West/PA)

Saira complained that "the kitchen was absolutely disgusting" and "the house was like a cesspit after three days".

The mother-of-two, who has returned as a panellist on Loose Women, said that when she got into the house she felt as though she was being "assaulted in every direction".

She added: "It is a game of characters and I wasn't a character, I was being myself... They're in character because they come from reality shows."