We are a nation of liars as 23% of us have cheated on our partners


Nearly a quarter of Brits admit cheating on their partner during a relationship, a new study has shown.

A study of 1,000 Brits found that 68% of people believe it's part of human nature to lie to those closest to us, with 23% committing what is perhaps the biggest betrayal of all - cheating on their romantic partner.

A man in bed with his partner, using his phone while she sleeps.

The research, revealed by flatsharing company Weroom, found that we are particularly bad housemates.

If you've got a nice cake or dessert in the kitchen be careful of your housemate's wandering eye - 19% of Brits admitted to eating food from the fridge that doesn't belong to them.

Open refrigerator with assortment of food and beverages.

And if that wasn't bad enough, 16% of those surveyed said they had only pretended to like their housemates - so who knows if your best mate secretly despises those movie nights you thought were so fun?

It's not all bad though - 66% lied to those they live with to avoid conflict and keep the peace, whilst 58% said they didn't want to upset others.

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CEO of Weroom.com, Thomas Villeneuve, said: "When it comes to working out what to share with those that you live with, getting the right balance between keeping your personal life private and being open and honest with your flatmates is key.

"At Weroom we match renters that can share interests and experiences with a view to making harmonious and fun homes - with as few secrets as possible."