Stormzy announced Paul Pogba's Manchester United return


Paul Pogba and Stormzy are both sponsored by adidas and, as such, it would have been a missed opportunity had adidas not used that to announce Pogba's return to Manchester United, a club they also sponsor.

The Manchester United fan and the now confirmed United player joined up for a video featuring lyrics from Stormzy's adidas Nigo Duppy freestyle from last year - most of which were very relevant to Pogba's unveiling.

"I'm the one they all fear/ I was the man of the year last year/ Now I'm the man of the year for the second year straight/ Like nobody don't compare".

Pogba's unveiling has been more spectacular than most in memory, and the fact his Premier League return is finally confirmed is good news not just for United fans, but for everyone who'll be paying attention to the league this year.

No doubt we'll be seeing more than a few dab celebrations.