Ed Miliband has endorsed Owen Smith and Twitter is finding it hilarious

In a surprise turn of events, Ed Miliband is back in the news!

It feels like it's been millions of years since Ed Miliband and David Cameron stood against each other in the general election, but just 15 months after Ed lost to Dave, the former Labour leader has given his backing to Owen Smith in the upcoming leadership contest.

At first, people were shocked that Miliband is back.

Then Twitter users mocked Miliband for the move, questioning whether Smith would even welcome the support.

Jeremy Corbyn has previously described Miliband as a "great friend" and he was consistently rumoured to be joining the current leader's shadow cabinet.

But Miliband said Smith is the best candidate to make the crisis following the EU referendum "a progressive moment".

"I want a Labour leader who can rise to the challenge of this moment," he said.

Ed Miliband with Owen Smith during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons

"I want a Labour leader who can unite our party and make us a serious alternative government.

"And I want a Labour leader who will reach out to every part of Britain and can do what Labour has done in the past, which is out of this crisis make it a progressive moment.

"That's why my choice for Labour leader is Owen Smith."

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