Protesters to mark anniversary of Mark Duggan shooting


Protesters are due to march through Tottenham to mark the fifth anniversary of the Mark Duggan shooting and the subsequent riots in north London.

An inquest jury decided in January 2014 that Mr Duggan had been lawfully killed when he was shot by a police marksman on August 4 2011.

Two days after the shooting, riots erupted across the capital, with shops being looted, buildings set alight and stand-offs with riot police.

It quickly spread to other parts of the country, including Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester over the following few days.

Members of the Justice for Mark Duggan campaign will be demonstrating and holding a vigil to mark the anniversary.

They will also be remembering other black people who have died in controversial circumstances, including Cynthia Jarrett, Joy Gardner, Roger Sylvester and Jermaine Baker.

The event will begin at 3pm at Wilan Road on Broadwater Farm, and there will then be a procession to Tottenham police station.

After the vigil there will be a family fun day at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, featuring a screening of the documentary The Hard Stop, which chronicles the impact of Mr Duggan's death on his friends Marcus Knox-Hooke and Kurtis Henville.

On Friday anti-racism activists brought traffic to a standstill on the road to Heathrow airport, with campaign group Black Lives Matter - or BLMUK - saying it wanted to commemorate the anniversary.

The group called for "nationwide #shutdown" in a post on social media, and their morning protests resulted in more than a dozen arrests.

The activists said they had shut roads in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham to "mourn those who have died in custody and to protest the ongoing racist violence of the police, border enforcement, structural inequalities and the everyday indignity of street racism".