Here's why there's a major flaw with a petition to remove all French words from British passports


ICYMI, there's a petition asking the Government to consider how French - as an EU lanaguage - has no place on new UK passports post-Brexit.

Created by Richard Bernden, the petition states: "The vote to leave the EU means people voted to Take Back Control. Control of their borders, their culture and their language."

And, according to said petition, the fact that mottos like "Dieu et mon droit" have existed in England for ages is "irrelevant".

screengrab of petition

But, if you're wondering where the flaw in the petition is, this sums it up really.

Yep, according to The Oxford English Dictionary, the term passport itself comes from French words. They are the French for "to pass" - passer - and also the French for seaport, which is port.

Which means some people really can't get their heads around the petition.

These Twitter users are pointing out how, actually, there's a whole host of French words the petitioners might wanna look out for.

If the petition gets 10,000 signatures, the Government has to respond to it - 100,000 and it will be considered for debate in Parliament.

So, with only 170 signatures so far, the petition has a long way to go yet it's fair to say...

But that doesn't mean we'll be getting over the irony of the petition any time soon.