So it turns out that US vice president Joe Biden is the best boss ever


Joe Biden is Vice President of the United States and Barack Obama's best friend.

He's also got a wicked sense of humour.

Joe biden jokes with Barack Obama at a speaking podium(Jacquelyn Martin/AP)
(Jacquelyn Martin/AP)

When Joe's not chuckling away with his best buddy, he does some pretty awesome things. Like writing an open letter to a Stanford sexual assault survivor to let her know he admired her bravery, or authoring the Violence Against Women Act.

One of his acts of kindness is making the rounds on social media, where he apparently spelled out his policy on staff taking time off when family obligations demanded it.

The memo says staff should take off the time they need for all sorts of family occasions, and that he would be "disappointed" if he found out staff were doing otherwise.

If it's true, it's another thing to show he's just an all-round nice guy.

We suspect the note paper isn't the actual stuff you get a memo from the Vice President on, but imagine if it was. So cool!

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We love you too, Joe.