Women are more intimate with their fridges than their boyfriends


Well, this is awkward...

According to a survey, commissioned by appliance repair network Go Assist, British women touch their fridge door handle at least 49 times more per week than they touch the hands of their lover.

Interestingly, the same research shows that 27% of women never hold hands with their partner, while 18% do so only once per week.

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Basically, British women prefer the cold comfort of their fridge and freezer and the delicious contents inside - yes, we're looking at you cheese - to being comforted by a significant other. The survey also showed 25% of females admit to heading straight to their refrigerators when feeling a bit sad.

Here are some other fridge-related facts that might shock you - 24% of us open our fridge an average of 10 times a day, while 7% of us open it over 21 times a day.

No judgment though... especially when you consider the United Kingdom is a nation of tea drinkers, and, well, we have to get the milk in our mugs somehow.

Milk is poured into a cup of tea.
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And, when you think about it, whether it's relationship problems, a stressful day at work, or simply one of those days, knowing there's food in the fridge (especially pizza, just sayin') never fails to cheer you up... and that's surely got to be the same for girls or guys.

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FYI, 2,000 UK females aged between 18 and 65 were surveyed by Go Assist.