A young mother was killed and five-year-old boy shot in a stand off with police

A woman who pointed a gun at police serving arrest warrants at her apartment was shot and killed by officers after she threatened to kill one of them, Baltimore County police said Monday.

The department said in a news release that a five-year-old boy who was in the apartment with Korryn Gaines, 23, was shot in a limb and taken to a hospital. Police could not determine if he was shot by the woman or officers. It has been widely reported that the young boy was her son.

Three officers went to Gaines' apartment in Randallstown about 9:20am to serve arrest warrants on her and a man, according to police. Gaines was wanted for failing to appear in court on traffic charges dating from a stop in March, authorities said.

One officer got a key from the landlord and opened the apartment after no one responded to repeated knocks. The officer saw Gaines sitting on the floor, pointing a long gun at him, police said. The officers retreated to the hallway, and a man ran from the apartment with a one-year-old boy, authorities said. That man was arrested.

Police negotiators tried to talk with Gaines, who they said pointed the gun at tactical officers several times. According to investigators, about 3pm, Gaines pointed the gun directly at an officer and said: "If you don't leave, I'm going to kill you." That's when an officer shot at the woman, police said, and Gaines fired two shots.

Gaines was hit several times and pronounced dead at the scene. No officers were hurt. The five-year-old was taken to a hospital to treat injuries that weren't life threatening.

Many have taken to social media to show anger over the killing.

The killings follow an explosion in the Black Lives Matter movement, a movement aiming to broaden the conversation around state violence towards black people.

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