Watch the incredible moment a waterspout appears over Suffolk


People were amazed when they saw a waterspout appear over the Suffolk coastline.

The unusual scene was spotted near Thorpeness, as rain was forecast across the country.

Pictures captured by onlookers show the swirling funnel spinning through the waves.

The feature is rarely spotted as the tornado appears over the sea, with around 100 of them occurring annually.

A Met Office forecaster said: "July was obviously very, very dry, across parts of south-west Britain in particular, so there is a good chance we could see more rain across parts of the South West in the next 24 hours on Monday than we've seen in the entire month.

"It will be a real topsy-turvy week - no two days quite the same. But in the next five to seven days we will all see some rain at times - useful rain for those who have got parched gardens; obviously not great for those under canvas or trying to enjoy the beach."