It's National Girlfriend Day so here are 10 things that are better than having a bae


Today is August 1st, also known as National Girlfriend Day. If you've logged on to social media today, your feed was most likely inundated with slushy selfies and paragraphs of prose from lovestruck boys and girls everywhere. You either joined in, hurled your phone at the wall in disgust or started desperately swiping through potential partners on Tinder.

If you're feeling left out because you don't have a girlfriend or no-one has made an Instagram photo montage about how great you are, don't worry; there are many other happy singletons finding a better way to celebrate the day. Here are 10 better things than having a bae on National Girlfriend Day.

1. Pizza.

2. Gooey freshly melted cheese soaking into a crisp burger bun followed by fistfuls of fries.

3. Sad Drake songs.

4. Tacos, tacos and more tacos.

5. Cuddling with a cat.

6. Hanging out with a giant inflatable alien.

7. Buying yourself presents, because you deserve it.

8. Justin Timberlake songs.

9. Cuddling with a dog.

10. Self-love. Because no one can choose good photos for a flattering selfie montage like you do.