Thousands of people turn up to show Jeremy Corbyn support

There were huge queues of people waiting to get in to hear Jeremy Corbyn talk at rallies, as the Labour leader warned rebel MPs they will never be able to take the party's name if they force a semi-split.

He was responding to reports in the Daily Telegraph that dissenting MPs are preparing to elect their own leader and launch a legal challenge for the party's name and assets if Owen Smith fails to win the battle for the top job. Corbyn branded the situation "bizarre".

"We are getting into some fairly bizarre territory here where unnamed MPs, funded from unnamed sources, are apparently trying to challenge - via the Daily Telegraph, very interesting - the very existence of this party.

"I say to them, 'think on, and think again'. This party was founded by brave people, pioneers who achieved a great deal, and this party has a huge membership and under the Registration of Parties Act we are the Labour Party.

"There's no alternative, there's no other party, we are the Labour Party, and I'm very proud to be the leader of the Labour Party," Corbyn said.

Owen Smith
(Andrew Matthews/PA)

Corbyn and opponent Owen Smith are continuing to slug it out for the Labour crown before the winner is declared at the end of September.

This was the scene in Leeds and Hull for Corbyn's rallies.

People on Twitter have been comparing the turnout for Owen Smith's rally in Liverpool with Corbyn's in Leeds.

Meanwhile, Corbyn supporters have been stirring up quite the Twitterstorm with the hashtag #WeAreTheMedia, after concerns that the mass media are reporting on Corbyn negatively.

However, some people are not, erm, entirely behind the hashtag.

But possibly the best tweet of the day? See real Jeremy Corbyn meet knitted Jeremy Corbyn.

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