Here's gun-toting Michelle Dockery in new show Good Behavior


Michelle Dockery looks a world away from Downton Abbey's Lady Mary in images released from new drama Good Behavior.

The actress plays thief and con artist Letty Dobesh, in the US show.

In one of the pics, Michelle, now with red hair, wields a gun.

Gun-toting Michelle Dockery in Good Behavio
Gun-toting Michelle Dockery in Good Behavior (TNT)

In another, Letty is seen wining and dining a "charming killer" whose latest murder attempt she's trying to derail.

She ends up in a seductive relationship with the man, played by Juan Diego Botto, in the show from US network TNT.

Michelle Dockery in Good Behavior
Michelle Dockery embarks on a dangerous relationship in Good Behavior (TNT)

Fresh out of prison, Letty's "life is always one ..bad decision from implosion".

A trailer released earlier this year shows Michelle vomiting on the ground while wearing heels and a short dress.

She's also pictured sitting on a bed in her underwear, pouring alcohol down the sink and in raunchy scenes in the trailer.

The show debuts this summer.