British men prefer their pals to be married, funny and slightly uglier than themselves


You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family, so the saying goes (and so your mum reminds you every time you squabble with a sibling).

So what exactly do we look for in a pal? Endless money? Charm? Someone who likes binge-watching the same series on Netflix?

Nope, nope and nope. A new survey by Jacamo has revealed British men value a good laugh and loyalty over anything else.

Of 2,000 British men surveyed, almost half (48%) said humour is the most important quality in their friends, with 41% marking it as more important than loyalty.

Liking the same things came in third place with 28% of the vote, followed by having good banter (25%), generosity (18%), being a good listener (18%) and being a capable drinking buddy (16%).

David Beckham
Is David Beckham your ideal best friend? (Tim Ireland/AP)

Contrary to popular belief, being a good wingman is a quality desired by only 5% of British men. Being good at football (4%), laughing at your jokes (7%) and being honest enough to say if an outfit looks horrendous (6%) are also bottom of the list.

As for looks, it turns out that gentlemen do not prefer blondes - they like a fella with brown hair, standing at 5ft 7in and weighing in at 11 stone. Oh, and he also has to be a bit uglier. No-one wants to be the ugly mate.

As for fantasy celebrity BFFs, men would like a mixture of David Beckham's footballer legs, Peter Kay's humour, the coolness of Idris Elba, Freddie Flintoff's cricketer arms and even the public speaking skills of Barack Obama.

President Barack Obama
Barack Obama's speaking skills are envied (J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

British men surveyed also said they prefer their pals to be married, to minimise the chance of losing a girlfriend to him.

If you think you tick all the boxes, then you've got a lot of potential BFFs to choose from - 17% of participants said they don't have a best friend, particularly true among those aged 18-24 and over 55.

Here's what the British man's ideal BFF looks like:
Height: 171 - 180cm
Shoe size: 6
Weight; 11 stone
Hair colour: Brown
Right/Left handed?: Right
Right/Left footed?: Right

Idris Elba
Is Idris Elba your definition of cool? (Jordan Strauss/AP)

And here's what his most important qualities are:
To make you laugh: 47.85%
Loyalty: 41.1%
Likes the same or similar things: 28.2%
Good banter: 24.65%
Generosity: 17.95%
Good listener: 17.45%
To be a good drinking partner: 15.6%
Gives you good advice: 12.9%
Forgiveness: 11.95%
Someone who gets on well with my partner: 9.75%

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