Donald Trump did a live 'ask me anything' on Reddit and this is how it went down


You may not be surprised to hear it but Donald Trump has a huge base of support online - particularly on Reddit.

The official republican candidate for US president announced he would do an "ask me anything" session for his Reddit fans. And there are a lot of them on the site. Astonishingly, the subreddit for Trump is the third most active on the site - even more than the subreddit for Pokemon Go. It has more than 180,000 subscribers, while the subreddit for Hilary Clinton has roughly 21,000.

I am off to my rally in Toledo! Had a great time

Reddit didn't host the AMA though itself - so people had to subscribe to the subreddit to take part. Hence why the session consisted of Trump supporters asking questions and Trump agreeing with everything they said. Rather than a whole lot of trolling, which would probably have happened if Reddit had hosted it itself.

After 90 minutes, there were more than 25,000 comments on the tread. Here's what happened...

He referred to his rival as 'Crooked Hilary Clinton' a lot.

(Julio Cortez/AP) Former President Bill Clinton, left, stands on stage with his wife, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton
(Julio Cortez/AP)

"Crooked Hillary Clinton will not do press conferences because she cannot explain her illegally deleted 33,000 emails, or her disaster in Libya, or her role pushing TPP (which she would 100% approve if she got the chance), or her support for a 550% increase in Syrian refugees, etc."

He missed out some PRETTY KEY presidents when asked which ones he admired.

"There have been many amazing presidents in American history, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, all of whom I greatly admire."

He didn't miss the opportunity to remind people that he's 'a winner'.

"I am never tired of winning, and as your president I will win for you, the American people. I'm with you."

He criticised Obamacare, obvs.


"One of the first things I will do is to repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare. I will put forward an amazing new plan, which will include many reforms, such as letting people buy insurance across state lines, increasing choice and competition, and bargaining for better, cheaper drug prices."

And loves to say the system is rigged and he's the answer.

"Americans in every party are tired of our rigged system and corrupt politicians, and want to reform our government so it no longer benefits the powerful at the expense of everyone else. They know I will fix it so it works for them and their families... We have to change a foreign policy that has led us to one economic disaster after another, and an economic policy that has failed our poorest citizens. We will never fix a rigged system by relying on the people who rigged it in the first place."

He basically thinks the media is just biassed against him.  

"I have been very concerned about media bias and the total dishonesty of the press. I think new media is a great way to get out the truth."

And he missed out on answering these ridiculous questions that were asked. 

(J. Scott Applewhite/AP)
(J. Scott Applewhite/AP)

"Hello Mr Trump. Thank you for taking time to answer our questions, we love you. During your Inauguration speech, will you say 'Obama, you're fired!'?"

"The pictures of Americans landing on the moon is one of the most widely knows photos in the world. It shows American strength, power, and achievement. Will you give Nasa a bigger budget and allow them to to make even greater achievements, like going to Mars or building a moon base?"

"Ivanka has been a prominent figure and voice in your campaign efforts. Hillary is playing the only card she can (the woman card). Will Ivanka become a integral part of your administration and spokesperson for women's rights in our country? And possibly the first female president 8 years from now?"

"Hey Trump. I remember reading that you only sleep 4 hours a night; that's impressive for how energetic you are! How do you manage? Is it something genetic, or maybe part of a lifestyle?"

"Mr Trump, what is your favourite meme of yourself?"