Morrisons promises to stop selling eggs from caged hens after teen's petition

Morrisons has vowed to completely stop selling any eggs from caged hens in under than 10 years.

The grocer's pledge comes two weeks after Tesco confirmed it will also stop stocking the eggs from 2025, following a teenager's petition attracted more than 280,000 signatures.

A Morrisons spokesman said: "We have been listening hard to our customers about eggs from caged hens. Today we are making a commitment that by 2025 all our eggs will be from non-caged hens."

Caging hens for eggs has been described as cruel and inhumane.
Caging hens for eggs has been described as cruel and inhumane (Yves Logghe/AP/PA)

Morrisons and Tesco followed Sainsbury's, Marks & Spencer and Aldi in committing to stop selling caged hens' eggs, while the 2025 date allows time to phase out the eggs and set up alternative suppliers.

The original petition was launched by Lucy Gavaghan, 14, on, in which she urged supermarkets to stop selling the eggs, describing the farming method as "cruel, unnatural and inhumane".

Tesco said it reviewed its egg-sourcing strategy - including consultation with suppliers, industry experts and other stakeholders - and promised to move to 100% cage-free eggs from suppliers who use barns, free range and organic methods.

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