Londoners' missing cat found after eight-and-a-half years ... in Paris


Marna Gilligan and Sean Purdy thought their beloved black-and-white cat Moon Unit was gone for good.

After all, she had wandered off in the middle of winter more than eight years ago ... and searches came to nothing.

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But then, this summer, a cat rescue group found a stray they believed was Moon Unit, thanks to microchipping.

Yep, it seemed impossible. Especially because this feline was all the way over in - hang on a minute, Paris?!

However, photos proved she was indeed Moon Unit - somehow she must have crossed the Channel to France. What a trip that must have been ...

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Marna and Sean have since set up a crowdfunding page to donate money to ADAD - that's Aide et Defense des Animaux en Detresse - to say thanks. The rescue group was not only responsible for tracking them down, but also sorting out vet care and a pet passport, and fostering Moon Unit until she could legally travel back to them.

So far the pair have raised over £600 to help other cats - but they're receiving pledges from the public until August 18.

Oh, let's just take a moment to imagine how cute their reunion with Moon Unit must have been ... No, we're definitely not getting emotional. Not at all.