Talented 13-year-old south Londoner offered scholarship at Eton

A 13-year-old from Bromley, south London, is preparing to attend one of the country's most elite schools.

James Francis has been offered a scholarship at Eton, the same public school attended by the likes of David Cameron and Boris Johnson, for his musical talents.

James plays the piano and double bass and is a chorister at the Westminster Abbey Choir School.

He told the Voice: "I'm very happy to be offered a scholarship at such a prestigious school. The atmosphere at Eton is very friendly and I like the way everything is run there. I can't wait to start, but I'm still adjusting to what has happened to me."

The youngster has been recognised as gifted since the age of five when he started learning the double bass, and his mother Mercy made sure he had the opportunity to thrive - paying £600 a term at the Royal College of Music Trust for lessons, something which has now undoubtedly paid off.

Mercy said: "I dreaded the thought of my sons becoming victims in society. From an early age I wanted to nurture something constructive in them. I remember reading that music helps to stimulate the brains of children, improving their memories and ability to grasp maths and so I sacrificed money and time to invest in their future. Also children who learn an instrument can always generate money in the future, through teaching or playing live music."

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