Watch this skateboarder bypass the traffic to Dover


It was misery for a lot of drivers stuck in the traffic on the way to Dover this weekend - but one guy had a clever way to beat the queues.

Footage was taken of a man skateboarding down the dual carriageway, weaving between traffic edging slowly along.

Holidaymakers faced hours on gridlocked roads this weekend as some spent the night in their cars as they tried in vain to get to the port. At one stage there were 12-mile tailbacks and people endured 14-hour waits.

Police said the disruption is down to a "vast volume of holiday traffic" coupled with delays caused by heightened security at the border in the wake of terror attacks.

Vehicles queuing on the A2 road heading to the Port of Dover in Kent, as delays for travellers heading towards Dover have eased but motorists have been warned to expect some disruption for weeks to come
(Yui Mok/PA)

Water supplies were dropped along the jam by police helicopter on Saturday, as motorists rationed their food and drink during the standstill.

A Sikh humanitarian relief organisation also pitched in with the effort, delivering nearly 6,000 bottles of water along with snacks to the stranded motorists.

representatives of the Sikh humanitarian relief organisation delivering nearly 6,000 bottles of water along with snacks to stranded motorists heading to Dover.
(Khalsa Aid/PA)

Kent police have said the situation has returned to normal, but motorists set to travel to Dover are still being advised to take food and water with them in case of delays.