John McDonnell broke the fourth wall on The Marr Show and viewers found it a very odd


Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has lashed out at opponents of Jeremy Corbyn, accusing them of trying to "destroy" the Labour Party in order to get rid of their leader.

Speaking on the BBC's The Andrew Marr Show, McDonnell made a desperate plea to Labour supporters to unite.

But he didn't just say it to Marr, he decided to say it to viewers directly by talking straight into the camera.

And it really freaked them out.

Many thought it just made the whole messy Labour situation even more a joke.

While others thought of some actual jokes for it.

McDonnell asked that critics confront him and Corbyn directly, not "pick on" staff who were not in a position to defend themselves.

When he next checks his mentions on Twitter, he'll have at least some evidence that the people have listened.