This is how the attack in Munich unfolded


Nine people were murdered and 16 injured when a gunman opened fire at a Munich shopping centre before killing himself, German police said.

Here's a timeline of the massacre (all times BST):

At 16.50 on Friday witnesses call police saying there was a shooting in a McDonald's on Hanauer Street in the north Munich, close to the city's Olympic stadium.

Unverified video footage emerges showing a gunman outside a McDonald's restaurant, thought to be on the same street, firing at people who are running from the scene.

Special forces police enter the Olympia mall (Sebastian Widmann/AP)
(Sebastian Widmann/AP)

Witnesses report to police that they had seen three people with weapons.

A massive police operation begins that will eventually see 2,300 German police deployed on the streets of Munich assisted by further units from Switzerland and Austria.

The shooting then moves from Hanauer Street to the nearby Olympia shopping centre, according to police.

People leave the Olympia mall in Munich (Sebastian Widmann/AP)
(Sebastian Widmann/AP)

Shortly after 19.00 German police say that "suspects" were "still on the run" and they urged people to avoid public places.

German public broadcaster BR reports that six people have been killed during the shooting.

Munich Police confirm at 20.20 that six people have been killed. They say that there were an "unknown" number of injuries and that they could not confirm if there were other crime scenes aside from Hanauer Street.

A masked policeman stands on the street (Sebastian Widmann/AP)
(Sebastian Widmann/AP)

At 20.30 officers find the body of the suspected gunman in a side street near the mall.

The number of dead has risen to eight, police reveal at 21.28.

A ninth person is confirmed dead by Munich Police at 21:35. They say they are checking whether the deceased is one of the attackers.

Police give a cautious all-clear at 00.34 as they assume the gunman acted alone. Fears there were two accomplices are later attributed to a sighting of two bystanders driving away from the scene at speed.

At 00.40 Munich police spokesman Peter Beck says 10 people were killed, including the likely attacker.

Munich police chief Hubertus Andrae speaks during a press conference (Jens Meyer/AP)
(Jens Meyer/AP)

At 01.35 Munich police hold a press conference revealing the suspected gunman was an 18-year-old Iranian man who had lived in Munich for more than two years. Hubertus Andrae, Munich Police chief, says it is too early to know what his motive may have been.

Andrae says the teenager shot nine people dead, including adolescents. He injured a further 16 people, including children. Three of the injured were in a critical condition.

Public transport in Munich resumes a normal service at around 0300.

Police stand at a the crime scene (Sebastian Widmann/AP)
(Sebastian Widmann/AP)