5 things you should know about Hillary Clinton's running mate Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton has named her running mate and potential future VP as Senator Tim Kaine.

Who, you ask?

We're here to help. Here's the important stuff you need to know about Senator Kaine.

1. He's personally against abortion, but supports a woman's right to choose

Tim Kaine
(Dave Ellis/AP)

Kaine has publicly stated that as a Roman Catholic Christian, he has a "faith-based opposition" to abortion. However, he has voted for public funding of abortion clinics and campaigned to stop restrictions on access to abortions for American women.

2. He speaks fluent Spanish

In 2013, Kaine gave the first senate speech entirely in Spanish during a debate on immigration. He learned Spanish during a year living with missionaries in Honduras.

Clinton will be hoping his language skills can secure the Hispanic and Latino vote in the presidential election - according to the 2012 census, they make up 17% of the total population.

3. He supports gay marriage and adoption... after a change of heart

A huge rainbow flag is marched down the street in Key West
(Bob O'Neal/AP)

During the race for governor of Virginia in 2001, Kaine told the Associated Press "I have never said I supported gay civil unions, gay marriages". However, he did say he supported finding a way to give gay people in long-term relationships a form of recognition and rights.

He later campaigned to defend same-sex marriage from a ban in the state, unsuccessfully.

He also changed his mind on same-sex adoption. In 2005 he said he was against it, but in 2011 he U-turned on the issue.

4. This isn't the first time he's been considered for VP

Barack Obama waves to a crowd while Tim Kaine smiles
(Steve Helber/AP)

Kaine was in Barack Obama's final three choices for running mate back in 2010. He lost out to Joe Biden, but the VP job will now be his, if he and Clinton can clinch victory in November.

5. He's a gun owner, but supports restrictions on gun ownership

Kaine sits next to  Joe Biden
(Steve Helber/AP)

Kaine is a strong believer in robust background checks for gun ownership. After the Virginia Tech massacre, he closed the state loophole which allowed some to purchase firearms even if they failed background checks.

He continues to fight for better gun control. In 2013 he voted for the restriction of detachable firearm magazines that can hold large amounts of ammunition.

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