Some genius went and built a wall around Donald Trump's Hollywood star


Donald Trump finally got that wall he's been after.

But it's a lot, lot smaller than he might have imagined ... and it definitely wasn't built along the US/Mexico border.

Yep, a 15cm high, grey concrete wall has been constructed around Trump's star on the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Oh, and no details were overlooked when it came to the design - the wall is complete with mini American flags, barbed wire along the top, as well as "keep out" signs written in both Spanish and English.

Of course, this is not the first time the Presidential candidate's Hollywood star has been vandalised. But this has to be the most amusing of the lot.

Street artist Plastic Jesus seems to have put himself forward as the genius responsible for the wall.

And while we understand the process of getting a Hollywood star is a bit complicated, we've now all been reminded of this shocker ...