Theresa May to discuss Brexit with Francois Hollande in Paris


Theresa May and Francois Hollande will discuss Britain's plans to quit the European Union when they meet for talks in Paris.

After swiftly issuing an invitation to the Prime Minister when she took office last week, the French president will host a working dinner at the Elysee Palace.

It comes just a day after Mrs May met with German counterpart Angela Merkel.

At discussions in Berlin, the Chancellor said Britain should "take a moment" over its plans to sever its ties with Brussels but warned against leaving the negotiations "up in the air".

EU leaders have made clear that they want Britain to swiftly begin its exit from the bloc.

But the German Chancellor said the UK should take its time to sort out its priorities, after welcoming Mrs May to the city with a guard of honour.

The Prime Minister confirmed she would not trigger the two-year Article 50 process of leaving the European Union before the end of the year.

Mrs May insisted that Germany would "remain a vital partner and a special friend for us" after Brexit.

She added: "All of us will need time to prepare for these negotiations and the United Kingdom will not invoke Article 50 until our objectives are clear.

"That is why I have said already that this will not happen before the end of this year.

"I understand this timescale will not please everyone but I think it is important to provide clarity on that now."