People were pretty impressed with Theresa May's first PMQs - but her sigh at the end didn't go unnoticed


Theresa May just had her first Prime Minister's Questions - and people thought it went pretty well for her.

Lots of MPs welcomed her to her new place in the jam-packed chamber, but the niceness pretty much ended there. What ensued was a string of jibes, jokes and general sassiness.

No MP was safe, not least Jeremy Corbyn who she delivered the biggest burn to.

Even Tim Farron, who fondly reminisced back to 1992 when he and May were rivals to be the MP for North Durham, was shot down with that old 'my party's bigger than your party' line - though that didn't go down quite so well.

But delivering all those burns clearly took it out of her as she could be seen sitting back down at the end of the session breathing a sigh of relief.

It's gonna be a bumpy ride ahead.