Crowdfunding campaign raises thousands in bid to prosecute 'dishonest Brexit politicians'


A crowdfunding page has raised more than £63,000 with the aim of prosecuting Boris Johnson and other "dishonest Brexit politicians".

The people behind #BrexitJustice want to bring about charges based upon "fraud, misconduct in public office, undue influence and, possibly, inciting racial hatred" during the Vote Leave campaign.

They also aim to ensure that Article 50 will not be triggered without an Act of Parliament.


The page lays out plans to get barristers, soliciors and QCs on board and to make the case with "reference to the statements of objectively untrue facts during the course of the referendum".

It makes reference to the Vote Leave campaign bus which had the message that £350 million a week given to the EU could go to the NHS instead.

#BrexitJustice aim to raise £100,0000 to fund the legal challenge to Brexit.