Boris Johnson has quit his Daily Telegraph column - which paid a LOT of money


Boris Johnson has quit his weekly newspaper column which he was paid a tidy £250,000 a year to write.

The Foreign Secretary ended his lucrative contract with the Daily Telegraph following his appointment to the Cabinet.

Boris Johnson's pay from the Daily Telegraph is declared online (Screengrab/

A commission to write a book on Shakespeare from Hodder & Stoughton - for which Johnson received an advance of around £90,000 - has also been put on hold.

Johnson brought his 20 years of work with the newspaper to end in a conversation with group editor Chris Evans, who thanked him for his service.

He is expected to write opinion pieces for a wide-range of newspapers in his capacity as Foreign Secretary, but will not be paid for the articles.

Johnson's outside earnings from writing saw him pay nearly £1 million in tax in four years, as shown in documents released earlier this year.

Over four years, he was paid £987,097 for his Daily Telegraph column - while book royalties brought in a further £469,385.