An absolutely adorable tapir has been born at Chester Zoo


A rare Malayan tapir has been born at Chester Zoo and we have to say he's the cutest little thing!

Solo, as named by the keepers, was born to parents Margery and Betong on July 11 and made his public debut today.

A baby tapir
(Chester Zoo)

Although he has cute little markings now, these will fade during his first year, to be replaced by a half black, half white coat.

The news of Solo's birth isn't just good for his parents. It will also help to keep his species from becoming extinct.

Dr Nick Davis, assistant curator of mammals at the zoo said "Once he is old enough, he will add valuable genetics to the European endangered species breeding programme which is working to ensure a viable safety net population of Malayan tapirs, ensuring they do not go extinct."

In the wild, Malayan tapir numbers are in decline due to habitat destruction for palm oil plantations. Chester Zoo estimates that the population has dropped by more than 50% in the last 36 years.

Welcome to the world little guy.