19 tweets Pokemon Go users will find hilarious


Days are no longer by the number of hours you're awake, but by the number of Pokemon you catch - welcome to July 2016 and the world of Pokemon Go.

The mobile game that has taken over every country it has been released in may have only been around a week, but it is already producing social and personal moments that are unique to say the least.

Not only that, but players are being confronted with surreal dilemmas and choices that really, only other players will understand.

Such as the urge to incubate those eggs, but that would involve actual effort.

Or you like the look of an area, but before you move there, you need to check one important thing.

Sometimes the power of the Gym can also go to your head.

But keeping any power in your phone's battery is also an issue.

Some have been having fun with the renaming feature, with attention being paid to celebrities as well as to certain footballers who changed their minds about staying with certain clubs.

The pain of the servers going down is too much.

But so is the desire to be the very best Trainer there is.

Even if those pesky Pokemon do cause problems sometimes.

Then, finally, there is the attitude Pokermon Go-ers have to those who think being seen playing the game look a bit silly.

Exactly. Where's your Jynx?!