Viewers were not happy with Sunday's Big Brother

Big Brother 2016 - Eviction

After the controversy and excitement of annihilation week, Sunday night's Big Brother viewers were moaning that it was just a bit...well, boring.

The contestants who made it through the brutal week, which saw Jason Burrill pocket £20,000 for evicting the favourite Lateysha Grace, were treated to an eviction free day.

They made the most of their time, enjoying a party. But viewers weren't so happy.

First we saw the riveting conversation between contestants Andy and Jason.

In fact, everyone was pretty boring.

It didn't get much better, as Laura revealed she didn't know that the Republic of Ireland wasn't part of the UK.

Laura Carter enters the Big Brother House during the latest series of the Channel 5 programme at Elstree Studios in Borehamwood.
(Channel 5/PA)

The most exciting thing that happened was Jayne sunbathing with her heels on.

But then, right at the end we were treated to a smile from Jason.

We're not sure it made up for the preceding hour though.

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