Could one of David Cameron's last Prime Ministerial acts be to knight Andy Murray?


David Cameron's six-year term as Prime Minister came to an end last week, but he could yet have one more major decision to make - whether to knight two-time Wimbledon winner Andy Murray.

There have been calls for Murray to be handed the honour following his latest Wimbledon win, with Alex Salmond suggesting that he would be the "most popular Scottish knight since Sir William Wallace".

Andy Murray of Britain holds the trophy after winning Wimbledon
(Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP/PA)

Cameron has the ability to knight Murray as part of his resignation honours - although it is a right not exercised by an outgoing Prime Minister since John Major.

Murray beat Milios Ranoic to win his second Wimbledon title earlier this month. The Dunblane-born champion also won the US Open in 2012, an Olympic gold medal at the London 2012 games, and steered Great Britain to victory in the Davis Cup last year.

Cameron was in the crowd when Murray won and afterwards the Scot name-checked the PM during his victory speech, saying he has the "impossible job", although that drew a few boos from the Centre Court crowd.

It's hard to imagine that's hurt Murray's chances of getting a knighthood and he did say the next day that he didn't mean to embarrass the Prime Minister.

In any case former First Minister Salmond is certain he deserves the honour, telling the Sunday Mail newspaper: "I would say Andy Murray would be the most popular Scottish knight since Sir William Wallace. Winning Wimbledon should make it a slam dunk.

"David Cameron gets a resignation honours list so it's a chance to right a wrong from his time as Prime Minister.

David Cameron and Alex Salmond (right) cheer Andy Murray during the 2013 Wimbledon final
(Anja Niedringhaus/POOL Wire/PA)

"If Cameron has got over the saltire incident from 2013 and then getting booed by the All England Club this year, I think the decent thing would be to put Andy on his resignation honours list."

Cameron's list is expected to be published in the coming weeks.