There's a theory that Boris Johnson's appointment as Foreign Secretary is a cunning plan to stop Brexit


Many Remainers would have seen the appointment of Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary in Theresa May's new Cabinet and cried.

But don't worry, one blogger has come up with a theory as to why Johnson's appointment might just keep us in the EU after all.

Conservative MP Boris Johnson arrives to speak following the results of the EU referendum at Westminster Tower on June 24, 2016 in London, England.
(Mary Turner/PA)

Johnson is a laughing stock across Europe and will be an awful appointment, wrote Jon Worth.

"However I'd actually go so far as to see this as a brilliant and clever appointment, and actually the best way to stop Brexit happening," he said.

"Johnson was in favour of Brexit, but never assumed it would actually happen, but now he has to help deliver it -- but his heart is not in it, and he does not have the skills or energy to do it either."

Mayor of London Boris Johnson joins a Street Rugby tournament in a Tokyo street with school children and adults from Nihonbashi, Yaesu & Kyobashi Community Associations, to mark Japan hosting 2019 Rugby World Cup where Mr Johnson is on the final day of his four day trade visit to Japan.
(Stefan Rousseau/PA)

"Give it a couple of years, perhaps less, and Boris will have to be shifted to another position in government with the Brexit negotiations in tatters, and with UK public opinion having shifted towards Remain as the promise of Brexit recedes."

It's also well documented that Johnson, David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, and Liam Fox, the Secretary for International Trade, are not exactly the best of friends.

Did Theresa May set this up deliberately? Unlikely.

Will it fail? Quite possibly.