People are having a chuckle at all the funny things our new Justice Secretary Liz Truss has said


Former environment secretary Liz Truss has filled the boots of Michael Gove as the new Justice Secretary in Theresa May's Cabinet reshuffle.

People seem generally quite happy about it (mainly because it means the back of Gove).

But they're also taking the time to remember some of the hilarious things she's said over the past few years. Enjoy...

The time she proudly talked about pork markets.

The time she wished hedgehogs a happy Christmas.

The time she got really angry about cheese.

(The drama kicks in at 1.04)

The time she briefly touched on justice (it's a sign) and was overjoyed about British milk in prisons.

If she approaches her new role with the passion she showed for these things, she'll probably be alright.