Labour heading for a split - Corbyn challenger Owen Smith to say


The Labour Party is heading for a disastrous split, leadership challenger Owen Smith is to warn today.

Launching his bid to topple Jeremy Corbyn, Mr Smith will say it is time for a new generation of MPs to come forward.

Speaking in his Pontypridd constituency, Mr Smith will say: "This is a moment of deep peril for Labour, if we carry on as we are the party I love will end up in a disastrous spilt. I am not prepared to let that happen.

"The Labour Party must pull through this crisis and unite. We owe it to the millions of people across Britain who look to the Labour Party to provide hope and optimism for their lives."

In a swipe at his rival Angela Eagle, the former shadow work and pensions minister will say that only he can unite the fractured party.

"So now it falls to a new generation of Labour MPs to step forward and secure Labour's future. I am the only person in this race than can do that.

"It's not enough just to talk about being anti-austerity. Labour needs to set out the details of how we overcome Tory austerity and secure the next Labour government that delivers investment, not cuts.

"That's what I will be doing throughout this campaign; setting out the vision and policies that can unite the party and lead us into government."