This is how Twitter reacted to a very busy day at Downing Street


You'd be forgiven for feeling slightly overwhelmed by all that's going on in UK politics at the moment. Because, well, there's a lot going on. And today has been an extra busy day for everyone at Downing Street.

To summarise - David Cameron had his last Prime Minister's Questions, he later left Number 10 for the last time and Theresa May officially replaced him as leader of the UK.


First off, let's look at how that final PMQ's went down. Arguably the most important issue tackled was Larry the cat (he's staying at Number 10 after the Camerons leave, ICYMI).

Cameron got a standing ovation so we guess he quite enjoyed his last PMQ's.

Then came the short drive from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace where Cameron tendered his resignation to the Queen. People were left wondering what that drive was like.

Then, that was it. Yep, he's really gone.

And there's been changes to Twitter bios already. No messing there.

So, that's surely enough for one day, right?

Nope. We haven't even got on to the topic of Theresa May, who went to see the Queen, where she was invited to form a Government.

Yep, she is officially Prime Minister now, FYI.

She made a big old speech outside Number 10.

Some people don't think we've seen the last of Michael Gove.

But, for now, our new PM is settling in and making herself at home at Number 10.

Oh, and before you get comfy for the night, the day has got even busier - yep, those cabinet appointments have started coming in.

Philip Hammond has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer, which Jeremy Clarkson had something to say about.

But the appointment you really need to know about? Boris Johnson has been made Foreign Secretary.

At least Palmerston the cat - the Foreign Office's chief mouser - seems OK about it all...