David Cameron brought his A-game to his final PMQs and he was actually very funny


There was an end-of-term feeling to David Cameron's final Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday as the outgoing leader marked the moment with a rivet-gun supply of gags that had both sides of the House of Commons rocking with laughter.

Cameron has always been a dab hand at PMQs, but he took it to another level from the moment he declared that his day's diary was "remarkably light" aside from a meeting with the Queen later in the day.

It was a sign of things to come as he provided a tongue-in-cheek commentary of Labour's own recent leadership chaos, cheekily suggesting that "if they ever do get into power it would take them about a year to decide who sits where", while opposite number Jeremy Corbyn was likened to the Black Knight in Monty Python.

At one point Cameron even declared his love for Number 10´s Larry the Cat - tweeting a pic of the two together afterwards - who he will have to leave behind at the residence after his exit.

Cameron claimed he had clocked up 5,500 questions while Prime Minister - although joked he will leave it to others to decide how many he has answered - while also laughing off the prospect of him taking over the recently-vacated England manager or Top Gear presenter roles.

Corbyn came under fire from Cameron at one point when he compared the leadership struggles on both sides, saying: "We have had resignation, nomination competition and coronation, and they haven't even worked out the rules yet!"

Amid the laughter Corbyn responded with:

Corbyn enjoyed himself too, thanking Cameron's mum for her fashion advice.

It was not all jokes and merriment, however, as Cameron and Corbyn shared praise at stages during the session - perhaps most significantly when the opposition leader trumpeted Cameron's work to help legalise gay marriage.

Cameron signed off with one more moment of self deprecation, with one of his own quotes, saying: "I was the future once" - the line he used against Tony Blair all those years ago.

Too late pal!