Boris Johnson bounces back as Foreign Secretary and nobody can quite believe it


Meet Theresa May's new cabinet

Boris Johnson has been made Foreign Secretary in a move that puts the leading Brexit campaigner at the heart of government - and the news is proving a little hard to swallow.

Boris Johnson has been thrown a political lifeline after Theresa May pulled him into her shadow cabinet a little more than a week after his bid to take her on for the leadership of the party spectacularly crashed and burned.

BoJo will now be responsible for the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, including the UK's relations with other countries, supporting the interests of Brits abroad and safeguarding the country's national security.

That's right, this man - who once found himself dangling mid-air after getting stuck on a zip wire - will be working very closely with our Secret Intelligence Service, MI6.

Boris Johnson hanging from a zipwire
(Ben Kendall/PA)

Despite the response of the unimpressed public, there's one pretty important person who is happy to hear of Johnson's new appointment...

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