Backpacker rescued after falling into a drunken sleep on the roof of a building in Australia


A man believed to be drunk had to be rescued from a roof top in Australia after he decided it "would be a good place for a kip".

The backpacker, described as "gee-eyed male", was sleeping on the roof of a building on Mitchell St in Darwin, Northern Territory, when he woke up and found himself stuck.

Northern Territory police took to social media to post photos of Fire and Rescue Services attending the scene outside Mitchell St Tourist Precinct.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Senior police sergeant Garry Smith wrote on Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services' Facebook page: "Every now and again we respond to community calls for assistance that do not always make total sense, like Police attending a report of a loud disturbance at a house only to find a family cheering on the Mighty NSW blues (we will win Wednesday night for sure), NTES being called out to rescue someone apparently fallen off a ledge only to later find the 'victim' fast asleep at home or like this morning, the NT Fire and Rescue Service called out to (no not a kitty cat stuck up a tree) a backpacker stuck up on a roof after the 'Gee-Eyed' male decided this was a good place for a 'kip'.

Smith told the AAP the man told his rescuers he had no idea how he got on top of the building.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

"It's got to give you a giggle but we've also got to be serious, we're talking about a very intoxicated person who has no recollection of climbing up to a very high place and falling asleep, he could have fallen and injured himself or a pedestrian," he added.

"You've got to roll your eyes, but also what do you do, it's just part of Darwin."

The emergency services brought a long ladder to help the man descend from the roof.

Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Acting sergeant Jacqueline Lynden said after the rescue: "He promised to walk home and not get into any more vulnerable situations."

The man was issued with a public mischief infringement notice after the rescue.