Theresa May is 'honoured and humbled' to be our next PM


Theresa May has said she is "honoured and humbled" to have been chosen as leader of the Conservative Party.

In an eagerly-awaited statement outside the Commons, Britain's next prime minister praised David Cameron for his stewardship of the party and country.

May also hailed Andrea Leadsom - whose shock decision to pull out of the Tory leadership race paved the way for her coronation - for the "dignity" she had shown.

Theresa May outside the Houses of Parliament (Dominic Lipinski/PA)
(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Dozens of MPs from all sides of the party clapped and cheered as May said she would offer "strong, proven leadership to steer us through what will be difficult and uncertain economic and political times".

People watching at home were quick to notice that May also used that "Brexit means Brexit" phrase again, which she said earlier on today in her launch speech.

And they also noted how surprisingly short the statement was - and it left some of them feeling pretty confused.

Of course, actions do speak louder than words...