8 people who should probably learn how to spell Theresa May's name right now she's going to be prime minister


It's been a busy old day, but now we've come out the other side of it with a definite answer of who will be our next prime minister: Theresa May.

Well, either her or - if Twitter is anything to go by - some other woman who spells her name slightly differently.

twitter trends (Screengrab/Twitter)

Yep that's right, 'Teresa May' has been trending for a good while now. Oops.

Here are 8 people who should probably brush up on their spelling of her name (this one's for you, spelling-correctors and asterisk-lovers):

1. Nice quip, but it's *Theresa

2. A good observation, but it's still *Theresa

Theresa May's shoes (Chris Radburn/PA)
(Chris Radburn/PA)

3. Sending positive vibes and the correct spelling of *Theresa your way

4. ..and wave hello to the dictionary or internet or something to help you with the correct spelling of *Theresa

Theresa May waves to supporters (Jonathan Brady/PA)
(Jonathan Brady/PA)

5. Err, we also don't know who you mean. *Theresa

6. See what you did there but it actually looks like *Theresa Will

Theresa May outside 10 Downing Street (Anthony Devlin/PA)
(Anthony Devlin/PA)

7. A spooky coincidence with a spooky spelling to go with it. *Theresa

8. We're *not so sure* on the verification of this. Unless someone's finally spoken to the actual Teresa May who might well love a cheeky Nando's.

Theresa May officially launches her campaign (Chris Radburn/PA)
(Chris Radburn/PA)