Reckless and noisy supercar drivers in London could have their motors seized by the Met Police


Supercar owners face being kicked out of some of London's poshest areas or even having their motors seized if they are caught breaching the peace with noisy or dangerous driving.

A parade of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other high-powered marques around Kensington and Chelsea has become a regular summertime event in recent years.

Attracted by the five star hotels, exclusive restaurants and boutiques, wealthy visitors descend on the affluent boroughs - bringing their car collections with them.

For many residents and workers the supercar season has proven to be a huge headache, with the sound of screaming engines and screeching tyres reverberating around Sloane Square, the King's Road and Knightsbridge day and night.

Supercars in London.
(Laura Lean/PA)

Locals have found themselves inundated by crowds of enthusiasts and tourists who flock to the area to drool over the rare and expensive vehicles, often blocking streets while they take photos.

However, the high octane antics have triggered concerns that the dangerous driving, often involving rapid acceleration, could eventually lead to someone being hurt or killed.

After a consultation with 1,000 disgruntled denizens of Kensington and Chelsea, the Metropolitan Police have now put in place measures to tackle "reckless and aggressive" driving and other petrol-powered anti-social behaviour.

Those caught breaching the Public Space Protection Order face being directed away from the area covering Sloane Street, Sloane Square and parts of Brompton Road and the King's Road.

Luxury cars in London.
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If they fail to comply with the commands they face being arrested and their vehicles will be seized.

But it is not just those behind the wheel in line for a reprimand, the order also covers the car spotters too.

The scheme was launched on Friday and will continue throughout the summer months.

In its first night 13 dispersals were issued and seven fixed penalty notices were given for a variety of offences relating to inconsiderate motor vehicle use, Scotland Yard said.

Supercars in London.
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Inspector Chris Downs, of Kensington and Chelsea community policing team, said: "We are using powers under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act in an innovative way in order to address the concerns of residents and visitors to Kensington and Chelsea.

"In previous years there have been a large number of complaints during summer nights - especially at weekends - relating to anti-social behaviour and the late-night noise nuisance caused by high-powered vehicles being driven in a reckless and aggressive manner.

"We are responding to these local concerns and, since extremely rapid acceleration poses a particular danger to the public, we are determined to act before somebody is killed or seriously injured."