This is what the lavish lifestyle of a former supermodel and Saudi businessman was like


Former supermodel Christina Estrada - who was awarded £53 million in a High Court divorce battle - described her ultra-wealthy lifestyle during her marriage to a rich Saudi businessman as "magical".

the former model leaves the high court
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The backdrop to family life over the years was one of opulent houses, yachts and private jets, with the couple enjoying what the judge said was an "exorbitant standard of living".

These are some of the jaw-dropping things the pair enjoyed during their marriage, and some of the things Estrada made claims for in the divorce:


The London skyline
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The pair travelled internationally in their quest to find works of art and antiques to furnish their vast London home.

Their other homes included a substantial chalet which was built on a plot of land in Gstaad, Switzerland. Several floors were constructed underground to house a swimming pool and parking for up to 16 vehicles.

Quartz was imported from Afghanistan to create one particular wall in the chalet - and walls in an underground spa were fashioned in amethyst, which is Estrada's birthstone.

Her staff costs were put at £335,558 per annum - she claimed to need a live-in butler, housekeeper, nanny and chauffeur in her London home.


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Estrada's 46th birthday was celebrated at the chalet in 2010 when she was presented with diamond jewellery worth around one million dollars.

For her 50th birthday, a party at a luxury resort in Abu Dhabi was attended by 200 guests and the cost of the firework display alone was said to have been one million dollars.


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Her claims during the High Court case included an annual travel budget in excess of £2.1 million a year, including nearly £600,000 for private jet charters.

The court heard she planned to spend the October half term this year in Paris, staying in the Presidential Suite at The Ritz at a cost of just under £250,000, plus a further £74,000 for the nanny's room.

Clothes and accessories

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Her budget for clothing and jewellery was in excess of £1.02 million a year, including £40,000 for a new fur coat every year, £83,000 for 15 new cocktail dresses every year and £80,000 for a special gown annually.

Other claims were for £58,000 for two luxury handbags every year, £23,000 for six casual handbags every year and £35,000 on 10 clutch bags every year.

The court heard she envisaged buying 54 pairs of shoes a year - seven of which, for white tie events, would cost an annual sum of just under £21,000.

She claimed £39,000 for two new watches every year, and beauty costs included a sum of just under £94,000 per annum for treatments and £22,812 on products including £9,400 each year on four bottles of face cream.

Christina Estrada leaves the high court
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Mrs Justice Roberts was the judge tasked with deciding the reasonable needs of Estrada, 54, who was fighting for £196 million from international businessman Sheikh Walid Juffali, 61.

She said: "I do not consider it reasonable for her to expect the respondent to fund spending well over £1 million per annum on clothes and beauty treatments."

The judge also said it was not a case where Estrada could expect to continue to "spend vast sums on travel by private jet in circumstances where an appropriate allowance has been made for the cost of air travel with commercial carriers".

She ruled that with a net annual budget of £2.5 million Estrada "can meet her reasonable needs".