This disturbing footage shows the scene in Dallas as an officer appears to get shot


A brave bystander who witnessed the shootings in Dallas has posted footage online, appearing to show a police officer who has been shot.

WARNING: This video contains some strong language and scenes that may be distressing.

Michael Kevin Bautista was live. - Michael Kevin Bautista | Facebook

The video, posted on Facebook by Michael Kevin Bautista, shows Dallas SWAT team officers in position as numerous gunshots are heard. They appear to be moving in on a suspect, and then someone can be seen injured on the floor.

According to the cameraman, it looks like the person is a police officer who has been shot.

During the shooting, which broke out after a protest against police violence on Thursday, five police officers were killed and more were wounded.

In the footage, Bautista can be heard assuring other bystanders he is in a safe position while filming.

The shocking video has been seen by viewers around the world. Stacey Schultz commented: "Great job. God continue to protect you man. Stay safe from Scotland."