These are three Black Lives Matter protests you can get involved with in the UK

If you want to voice your anger over police brutality against the black community recently seen in the US, there's a number of protests going on in London you can attend.

Organisation has been taking place on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with many people sharing this image of organised protests:

The events will also commemorate black people who have been killed by police in the UK.

They will be held on:

Friday July 8 in Southbank, London, 6.30pm

Sunday July 10 in Oxford Circus, London, 10am

Saturday August 6 in Southwark Park, London, 2pm

Global outrage came after Alton Sterling, 37, was shot on Tuesday as he wrestled with two white Baton Rouge police officers outside the Triple S convenience store where he sold CDs for a living. Police say he was armed.

Just a day later Philando Castile, 32, was shot in Minnesota. His girlfriend live-streamed the aftermath, showing Castile covered in blood while an officer stood by pointing a gun into the car.

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