Man apprehended in Dallas shooting tells the world "we are tired of people being hurt"


A man who was apprehended and later released amid chaos following a US shooting posted live footage from inside the police station, telling viewers he had been left "shaken up" and is "tired of people being hurt".

WARNING: This footage contains some strong language.

Cory L. Hughes - Cory L. Hughes was live. | Facebook

Cory L Hughes, in Dallas, Texas - where five police officers were killed during a shooting overnight, said he had been involved in the protest against police violence that had been taking place when the gunfire broke out.

Speaking via Facebook live he said: "I'm really shaken up because this was a peaceful protest. We really came out here just to have a voice and for the world to hear us. We came out here because we are tired of people being hurt.

"The truth is an opportunist took advantage of the peaceful protest and decided to harm cops, and I'm letting the world know that we're not about that."

Dallas police
Dallas police search for evidence to track down snipers (Tony Gutierrez/AP/PA)

Hughes told viewers he had his phone searched and his hands tested for ballistics, while his brother had a gun confiscated. The footage shows tension rising in the room as there is difficulty in arranging for the gun to be given back, even though officers did not press any charges.

Commenting on the situation, Hughes said: "It is a tragedy that in this country (where it is legal to openly carry certain types of gun), that a black man can operate within his constitutional right to bear arms, and then the moment something happens, they start plastering his face all over social media and all over the world, like he is a suspect."