It's official! Brits turn into total bookworms during their holidays


Is relaxing on a sun lounger with a mocktail in one hand and a book in the other your idea of a perfect relaxing holiday? You are not alone.

More than six out of 10 Brits (62%) say their favoured pastime during vacation is lying in the sun with a book by their side, according to a survey.

A poll by travel booking website Opodo found almost two thirds (65%) of Brits read more on holiday than they do in their daily lives.

And more than one in four (26%) of them went as far as to say that most of their reading takes place during holidays.

The survey, which was part of Opodo's Travel Book Study, also found that only 16% of Brits taking part in the poll read more at home than they do on holiday - compared to 28% of their French and 18% of their German counterparts.

And when it comes to reading during holidays, Brits are pretty ambitious.

Its seems more than one in five (23%) Brits plan to read three or four books when they are on holiday - compared to 7% of fellow German holidaymakers - and one in 10 (10%) actually manages to speed through more than four of them.

Also, women are more likely to get into the reading spirit, with 29% indulging in a good book compared to 19% of men, who according to the survey are more likely to enjoy physical activities such as sports or hiking.

The study also found that Londoners were the least ambitious readers - with just 8% planning on reading more than four books and 14% admitting they barely read one or two chapters of their book while on vacation.