These are the main topics in the Chilcot report - and they use the word 'fail' a LOT


Containing 2.63 million words, 12 volumes, information from 150,000 Government documents and costing £10 million to produce, completing the Chilcot report was back-breaking work.

Authored by Sir John Chilcot, it looks into the events that led up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, picking out supposed failings by the Government and the then prime minister, Tony Blair, in particular.

And now that is has been officially published, we can take a look at what's actually in it.

These are the subjects that took up the most words...

SNAPPA Chilcot words

"Planning for invasion" took up 487,000 words - more than twice as many as "rebuilding Iraq".

The same goes for the 254,000 words devoted to "weapons of mass destruction", compared to the amount that focussed on "UK equipment".

More specifically, this is how many times the word "fail" was used...


In case you are interested, that's almost one 2,000th of all the words in the report.