Apparently, there is going to be a huge power surge during Wales's Euro 2016 semi-final against Portugal


Unless you are a Wales fan lucky enough to bag tickets to their Euro 2016 semi-final against Portugal, chances are you'll be watching this important game at home.

Which is why experts are predicting a surge in power demand during half-time.

Analysts at the National Grid expect a 500 megawatt (MW) surge as the teams break off after 45 minutes of play, the equivalent of 200,000 kettles being switched on at once - or enough to power an area two-and-a-half times the size of Cardiff in winter.

They said the surge in demand, known as "TV pick-up", occurs as people boil kettles, open fridge doors or turn on the lights at the same time - often at the end of programmes or during breaks.

Experts predict a surge in power demand at half-time as everyone goes and makes a cup of tea (Kim Piper Werker/Flickr)

A spokeswoman for the company said staff will be watching the game live to know when demand for power will increase.

The current estimates are for a 500MW surge at half-time followed by 400MW at the final whistle.

Should the game go to penalties, the predictions are for a 300MW surge at 90 minutes, 250MW after extra time and another 500MW surge after spot-kicks.

But how does it compare to other important televised events and TV shows? This graphic might give you an idea:

History of power surges.